Vertical dropper

The dropper for highest dosing accuracy

STELLA produces vertical droppers that are used for precise dosing of various types of liquid (aqueous, oleaginous, alcoholic). The special design of the STELLA droppers guarantees reliable dropping, precise drop size and consistent dropping behaviour. Easy countability makes the STELLA vertical droppers especially user friendly.

Our standard range includes the perfect dropper for many liquids that need to be dosed. With the help of our in-house laboratory, we select the dropper that fits your liquid perfectly.

Needless to say, we can also create new developments based on individual specifications, taking the requirements of the pharmacopoeia into account.

• Maximum dosing precision
• Easily countable drops
• Individual dropper selection or development
• Fulfilment of the requirements of the European pharmacopoeia

• Low-density polyethylene (LD-PE)

• Screw caps, preassembled if required
• Tamper-evident closures, preassembled if required
• Child-resistant closures, preassembled if required
• Child-resistant closures with tamper-evidence, preassembled if required

• STELLA 18 (series 900, 1400, 2200, 2300, SECRO 88)
• DIN 168 / GL 18 (series 1800, 2100, SECRO 92)

The dropper for highest dosing precision

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