Plastic bottles

The universal plastic solution for liquid and solid pharmaceuticals

As well as the range of traditional glass bottles, STELLA provides bottles produced in-house from high-quality plastics. Plastic bottles have proved more beneficial than glass bottles in many applications, as they are more resistant to breakage.

In fact, tubular plastic bottles are now the most popular packaging for dietary supplements. Depending on their features, plastic bottles are suitable for both liquid and solid forms of administration, such as emulsions, tablets, capsules, suspensions and syrups.

Alongside the standard range, technical possibilities allow STELLA to offer full flexibility in terms of nominal volume and design of the bottle. STELLA produces plastic bottles and the closure and dosing systems tailored to them.

• Use of high-quality materials
• Plastic resistant to breakage
• Diverse options for use
• Customisable in nominal volume and design
• Perfectly tailored to our closure and dosing systems

• High-density polyethylene (HD-PE)
• Polypropylene (PP)
• Polyethylene terephthalate (PET)

• Pourers
• Pipette adapters
• Screw caps
• Tamper-evident closures
• Child-resistant closures
• Child-resistant closures with tamper-evidence

• PP 28
• Nominal volume 50 ml

Further designs on request

The universal plastic solution for liquid and solid pharmaceuticals

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