Single-dose containers

The secure solution with the Security Stick for exact single doses

The STELLA single dose container REDIPAC is tamper-evident and cannot be resealed. It is suitable for a one-time application in the required quantity. It offers an absolutely safe application. The container with the Security Stick is made of one piece. The package is tamper-evident. A round, burr-free outlet opening is created at the predetermined breaking point between the container and the security stick during opening. This outlet opening is small enough that the usual filling materials only escape when pressure is exerted on the tube body. The Security Stick is riveted to the cap so it can’t get lost.

The STELLA single dose container REDIPAC is ideally suited for liquid and pasty filling goods.

Pharmacy, Diagnostics, Medicine, Chemistry, Food and Lifestyle

Polypropylen (PP), natural or coloured

1 ml
2,5 ml
Further versions on request