Pipette bottles with neck-ring

The ideal solution for targeted application of liquids

The STELLA pipette bottles with neck ring offer the ideal solution for applications in which a liquid is to be applied in a targeted way.

Easy handling makes it easy for the user to extract the desired quantity of medication and apply it in a targeted way.

Unlike in conventional systems, the STELLA pipette is not immersed in the container. This prevents the contents from becoming contaminated – an outstanding benefit from a hygiene point of view.

• Simple machine processing by pressing onto the neck ring
• Targeted product application
• For the highest hygiene standards
• Easy and practical to use

• Moulded glass, tinted brown, glass container of type III
(or type II on request) in line with European pharmacopoeia, Chapter 3.2.1 “Glass containers for pharmaceutical use”

• Bottles with neck-ring mouth (made of moulded glass, on request of tubular glass) are available in nominal volumes 10 ml – 100 ml

The ideal solution for targeted application of liquids

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