Child-resistant closures

The solution for maximum safety and reliable functionality

Child-resistant closures from STELLA are in use on every continent of the world.

Secure protection and simple yet reliable handling are the outstanding features of all STELLA child-resistant closures. The child-resistant closures are designed to offer the greatest possible safety for children, while still being easy for adults of all ages to open. When reclosing, it is easy for the consumer to be sure that the closure is tight enough: the outer cap will click when turned in the opening direction.

Exclusive to STELLA, all child-resistant closures come printed with operating instructions in maximum contrast for optimum legibility. The colour and design of the print can be customised as requested by the customer.

STELLA child-resistant closures are produced and inspected in line with globally recognised approval and safety standards, as confirmed by our product certifications as per DIN EN ISO 8317 and 16 CFR § 1700.20.

• Optimum machine compatibility
• Secure protection
• Simple and reliable handling
• Individual design with printing or embossing

• Polypropylene (PP)
• High-density polyethylene (HD-PE)

• Vertical dropper, preassembled if required
• Inclined dropper, preassembled if required
• Pourer, preassembled if required
• Pipette adapter, preassembled if required
• Sealing inlay, adhered

• DIN 168 / GL 18 (PROTECAP GL 18)
• DIN 6094-7 / PP 24 (PROTECAP PP 24)
• DIN 6094-7 / PP 28 (PROTECAP PP 28)

The solution for maximum safety and reliable functionality

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