Inclined dropper

The dropper for highest flexibility

Thanks to the universal standard range, the inclined droppers produced by STELLA can be used for a wide range of liquid applications (aqueous, oleaginous, alcoholic).
The user benefits from the option of varying the dropping speed by holding the bottle at different angles.

Especially user friendly are the STELLA “arrow droppers”,
on which an embossed arrow symbol shows the optimum angle of the bottle for dropping. This helps the user to benefit from especially convenient and easy dosing.

The STELLA inclined droppers are especially ideal for homeopathic and plant-based remedies and for dosing essential oils.

• For universal use
• Variable dropping speed
• Easy, convenient dosing using the arrow symbol

• Low-density polyethylene (LD-PE)

• Screw caps, preassembled if required
• Tamper-evident closures, preassembled if required
• Child-resistant closures, preassembled if required
• Child-resistant closures with tamper-evidence, preassembled if required

• STELLA 14 (series 200)
• STELLA 18 (series 700, SECRO 88)
• DIN 168 / GL 18 (series 1800, SECRO 92)

The dropper for maximum flexibility

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