Dropper bottles

The perfect solution based on international standards

Dropper bottles are suitable both for applications that are subject to strict requirements of dosing accuracy and for cases in which merely a pouring aid for smaller volumes is needed.

The STELLA dropper bottles in the series 200 are the traditional solution for homoeopathy and natural remedies, based on a 14 mm neck.

The STELLA dropper bottles in the series 700 are the classic solution with an 18 mm opening.

The STELLA dropper bottles SECRO 88 are equipped with a special neck that allows the use of one-piece closures with perfect tamper evidence.

Customers who prefer bottles based on international standards can choose the STELLA dropper bottles SECRO 92. With two-part tamper-evident closures, this series enables the simplest processing and optimum function.

• Perfectly tailored to our dosing systems
• Based on international standards
• Meet the requirements of the European pharmacopoeia
• Broad range of applications

• Moulded glass, tinted brown, glass container of type III (or type II on request) in line with European pharmacopoeia, Chapter 3.2.1
“Glass containers for pharmaceutical use”

• Vertical droppers
• Inclined droppers
• Pourers
• Screw caps
• Tamper-evident closures
• Child-resistant closures
• Child-resistant closures with tamper-evidence

• STELLA 14 (series 200)
• STELLA 18 (series 700, SECRO 88)
• DIN 168 / GL 18 (SECRO 92)
• 5 ml – 100 ml

The perfect solution based on international standards

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