Drop-dispensing bottles

Over the past decades, we have developed various series of drop-dispensing bottles, which are distinguished by typical product features.


  • The Stella Series 200 drop-dispensing bottles provide the traditional solution for homeopathic and natural remedies with its 14 mm neck finish and inclined droppers.
  • It was followed by the Stella Series 700 drop-dispensing bottles. A classical solution, in which an 18 mm neck finish and vertical droppers were used for the first time.
  • Further developments led to the production of the Stella drop-dispensing bottles SECRO 88, which is equipped with a special neck finish. It allows the use of one-piece tamper-evident screw caps.
  • For customers, who prefer tamper-evident bottles based on international standards, we have developed the Stella drop-dispensing bottles SECRO 92. This series ensures the easiest processing and optimum functionality due to a two-piece tamper-evident closure.